Satellite town Yuzhnoukrainsk

Герб Южноукраинска

Yuzhnoukrainsk – a satellite town of South Ukraine NPP – is not large conglomerate town of a regional subordination. First new-build quarters of industrial community for builders and nuclear workers were included into the structure of Konstantinovka village council of Arbuzinka region and was named Konstantinovka-2. In April 1987 Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Ukraine SSR gave the industrial community the status of a regional subordination town. After this there were formed the Local Government Board.

Yuzhnoukrainsk is located in the North part of the Nickolaev Region on the left bank of the river Yuzhnyi Bug in 125 km from the region center and at the distance of 7km from the railway station “Yuzhnoukrainskaya”.  Area of the town is 2437,9 hectare or 24,4 km2. A part of the territory of the town is included into the wildlife preservation – landscape park “Granitno-Stepnoe Pobuzhie”.

Not far from the place there are big industrial cities: Nickolaev, Odessa, Kirovograd, Krivoy Rog. There is a regional motorroad Nickolaev – Ulianovka laid through the town.  There is a developed net of motorroads covered with hard pavement in the town. There is a bus station in the town that provides connection with Kiev, Zhitomir, Gomel, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhie, Krivoy Rog, Vinnitsa, and other cities.  

Yuzhnoukrainsk is multinational. In accordance with the all-Ukrainian population census which took place in December 5, 2001, about 40 nationalities and peoples live in the territory of the town.  In the national composition overwhelming majority is Ukrainians, quantity of them is 29,1 thousand of people, it means 73,9 percent of the total permanent population. The second place at the quantity is ranked by Russians, they are 8,6 thousand of people. Also Bulgarians, Armenians, Tatars, Germans, Poles, Koreans, Azerbaijanians, Gagauzes, Georgians, Greeks, Estonians, Jews, Kazakhs, Kalmyks, Kirghizes, Letts, Lithuanians, Maries, Turks, Hungarians, Uzbeks, Chuvashes, Czechs, Dungans, Udins, and representatives of other nationalities live in the town.

The quantity of the inhabitants in Yuzhnoukrainsk is 40,4 thousand people at 01.08.2011.

Yuzhnoukrainsk is related to a minor type of towns. Labor specialization of economically active population in the town is determined by two main sectors: industry and construction,  that form profitable part of the town budget and provide functioning of the social infrastructure and other objects of the town life support.  

One of the significant economic indicators of the life quality is employment of the population. 

Quantity of the town population employed in all spheres of economic activity is 17,3 thousand of people, among them:12,7 thousand of people is workers and people, employed at enterprises, offices, organizations, and public associations; 1,5 thousand of people is employed in small and private business; 2,2 thousand of people is subjects of business entrepreneurial activity – natural persons, 0,9 thousand – workers against labor contracts.

The basis of the territorially-economic complex of Yuzhnoukrainsk is power industry and building sector.    

In the town there are 5 industrial enterprises, their main activity category is producing and redistribution of electric power, performance of industrial works. Main of them is Detached Subdivision “South-Ukraine NPP” which belongs to the State Enterprise “National Nuclear Energy Generating Company “Energoatom” that produces electric power. The nuclear power plant takes a key position in socioeconomic development of the town.  Ratio of DS SU NPP in the town total industrial output is 98 percent. 

In Yuzhnoukrainsk building sector is developed widely, it’s main activity was aimed in past to building a strategical object of national meaning which is nuclear power plant. Currently enterprises of this sector perform civil and erection works both in the electric power producing complex and in other objects of the town.    

The main sources of capital investments into development of the economic complex of Yuzhnoukrainsk are funds of enterprises and organizations of the town, funds of state and town budgets, bank credits, loans, and other financing sources.   

For servicing financial and economical activity of enterprises, offices and organizations, as well as people of Yuzhnoukrainsk there is a widely developed net of chain banking establishments in the town. 

Development of small and middle business is a necessary condition of transition to such kind of economy which facilitates solving of employment issues and increasing living standards of people. 

Taking into account multifunktionality of   Yuzhnoukrainsk, the most typical and having prospects kinds of business activity there are commercial services for inhabitants, services of public catering, personnel and medical services, manufacturing of various building materials and structures, civil and erection works performance.     

There haulage companies operate in the area of the town.

Great attention is paid in the town to development of modern telecommunication networks.   There are several enterprises which provide communication services: Center of Postal Service №5 of Nickolaev Directorate of Ukraine State Enterprise of Postal Communications “Ukrpochta”, Department of Telecommunication Services №4 of Nickolaev brunch of Public Joint-Stock Company “Ukrtelecom” and Affiliate of Television Networks “Kvant” of Private Joint-Stock   Company “Atomservice». It the town it has been formed cable network which rebroadcast 62 television channels and it provides the service for 10 thousand users.  

There are two newspaper offices in Yuzhnoukrainsk: a newspaper of employees of the DS SU NPP “Energetic”, and a newspaper of Yuzhnoukrainsk town council “Kontact”.

Care of the town inhabitants’ health is always in the center of the attention of DS SUNPP management and local authorities. State Enterprise “Specialized medical-sanitary centre №2” (SE SMSC-2) works in the town. It includes two outpatient departments - an adult outpatient department and children’s policlinic, a hospital which includes 230 beds, besides them there are 6 beds for intensive care and 45 beds for daytime care. SE SMSC-2 includes an antenatal clinic, a dental department, an ambulance department.  There are also in the town sanitary-and-epidemiologic station, chemist’s shops and chemist stalls. In Yuzhnoukrainsk for solving issues of inhabitants medical servicing it is used principles of insurance medicine: sisters of 4 insurance companies works there – “Energopolice”, HDI “Strakhovanie”, TAC, and PrAT “CK “Alfa Strakhovanie” .

Aims of domestic services sphere are to provide people broad spectrum of high quality personnel services, improvement of serving standards, expansion of production volume. Development of domestic services sphere network is performed by means involvement funds of business activity subjects.

At the same time in the town services of hairdresser’s are developed very actively. Thus, for the population of 40,4 thousand people there are 41 hairdresser’s, 4 beauty salons among them in which high skilled experts, A1 hairdressers work. There is a fitness training center which organizes its work in the most-up-to-date style, travel agency, art studio in decoration of art products in the town. The town is provided by services of shoemakers, in repairing of consumer equipments, maintenance of apparels, knitted and leather wear, and also other various services.