Health unit at SU NPP site

Health unit at NPP site is one of the main elements of the staff health protection system

Basic tasks and functions of NPP health unit


  •  provide first aid and emergency medical care in case of illness, injury; arrange ambulance to transport the sick and injured to the dedicated medical unit # 2 (if necessary)
  • ensure readiness to deliver medical care during potential emergencies and emergency occurrences;
  • conduct pre-shift medical examination of the operating personnel of the most important positions 
  • participate in periodic medical examination of the personnel and monitoring of their health condition;
  • conduct a range of precautions


Health unit consists of:


  • waiting-room of duty doctor's assistant  (24 hours a day);
  • rooms of:  a neurologist, an ophthalmologist,
  • a gynecologist, an otolaryngologist, a physician, a dentist;
  • procedure unit, reception (Health Cards Data Basis of the medical examination results);- audiometry room, spirography room, functional diagnostics room;  physiotherapeutic room, laboratory assistants’ room.


Health unit ensure medical services of the doctors following the specified schedule namely: endocrinologist cardiologist. The doctors involved in conducting periodic medical examination are as follows:  a psychiatrist,  a narcologist, a surgeon.

Health unit rooms are equipped with the necessary equipment and medical instruments to provide emergency care (including defibrillator, manual apparatus for artificial lung ventilation), conduct medical examinations and provide dynamic control of personnel health condition in the course of employment.

Health unit has an ambulance car that is available during 24 hours a day.