Basic Areas of DS SU NPP Personnel Health Protection

SU NPP staff is one of the main manufacturing resources. The efficiency of each worker labour activity as well as quality of his labour significantly depends on the condition of his health.

Detached subdivision “South-Ukraine NPP” (DS SU NPP) pays much attention to health protection. Solving of health protection issues is based on the creation and implementation of systematic approach. Medical issues in health protection system are of significant importance and are reflected in the activity area «Occupational Medicine». The goal of Occupational Medicine is to arrange initial and periodic medical examination of employees’ health condition, provide primary medical care in the course of employment, implement precautions and protect employee’s health in the course of his employment.

Within DS SU NPP structure there are Health Protection Department (HPD) and Recreational and Rehabilitation Complex (RRC) «Iskra».  There are two health units located at DS SU NPP site namely one physician’s health unit and two physician assistant’s health units. Maintenance for health unit rooms as well as logistics (equipment, medicines, consumables, armamentaria and etc.) are provided at the expense of DS SU NPP

DS SU NPP signed a contract with the dedicated medical unit-2 «On Rendering Medical Services». Dedicated medical unit-2 staff keeps medical workers of health units and department therapeutic service the doctors of which provide medical services for SU NPP assigned departments at the expense of DS SU NPP. NPP health unit staff consists of: a gynecologist, a neurologist, an ophthalmologist, an otolaryngologist.

Health workers of department therapeutic service and NPP health unit conduct systematic medical and preventive measures including medical examination of the staff. In accordance with the normative documents requirements obligatory medical examinations are to be conducted with periodicity once a year for 33% of workers and once in two years for 46 % of workers. The workers that are not subject to obligatory medical examination (21 %) undergo routine  (scheduled) medical examination in accordance with the collective agreement with periodicity  once in two years. About 80 % of obligatory medical examinations take place in NPP health unit which is equipped with the necessary equipment.

DS SU NPP has developed and implemented information and analysis unit “Health Protection” within the computerized system «Staff Management».

Morbidity with temporary incapacity to labour is analyzed within each department and DS SU NPP in general on the quarterly basis as well as measures on morbidity reduction are developed.  

Annually Medical Board involving DS SU NPP trade committee management analyze issues related to DS SU NPP personnel health condition and quality of medical support.  Upon the analysis results the required measures are developed.

Basic Areas of SU NPP Employees’ Occupational Health System


Health protection management in safety management system SU NPP personnel health is one of the important factors having an impact on NPP operation safety. Functioning of health protection issues management scheme in safety management system is based on the current state and elaborated plant normative documents.
Establishment and support of personnel health improvement system

Basic recreational centre – recreational and rehabilitation complex «Iskra». There are dedicated personnel rehabilitation programmes in place, for support of which 80% of «Iskra» vouchers are allotted annually.

Employee’s health protection in the course of employment

Provision of the employees with the necessary personal protection equipment. Allocation of first aid kits at the working places.

Scheduled training of personnel in providing first aid to the injured persons. Continuous monitoring over drinking water supply at SU NPP site.

Assurance of healthful and dietary meals and milk for specific categories of employees.

Medical issues system position in the employees’ social protection programme. In case of serious illness to support expensive treatment an additional material assistance is provided to the insured employees or members of their family at the expense of SU NPP and trade committee.



Personnel health protection management scheme in safety management system (PDF)

Health and labour safety. Special regional conditions. South-Ukraine NPP (PDF)