Palace of Culture “Energetic”

PC “Energetic” hearty opened wide its doors for habitants of Yuzhnoukrainsk in 1987. Attendees are welcoming the most up-to-day concert hall for 625 seats, specious dance and lecture halls, a literary-musician reception room, a reading hall and a library with the richest library holdings.  

In the Palace of Culture there work 18 creative staffs, 13 of them got a title of public and exemplary. Elementary education is given for children in 5 schools. In total, 785 adults and children are studied there.

All across the Ukraine creative staffs from PC “Energetic” are well known:

  • Exemplary folk dance group “Kvity of the Ukraine”
  • Public ballroom dance group “Vdokhnovenie”
  • Exemplary modern dance group “Kaleydoskop”
  • Public chamber choir “Renessance”
  • Public Ukrainian song choir “Lyubystok”
  • Exemplary children choir chapel “Rondo”
  • Exemplary folk musical instruments orchestra “Kolorit”
  • Exemplary pop song theater “Galateya”
  • Public variety miniature theater “Non-Stop”
  • Public veterans choir “Veteran”
  • Public Ukrainian folk song group “Bereginya”, and others.

Recording audio studio and art gallery “Gard” works in the permanent creative search. Clothing and stage properties shop works successfully. Significant contribution to the PC work was done by directors group.    

Every year more than 400 different cultural-mass activities are performed which are attended by about 125 thousand of people.