Radiation Safety

Radiation safety is upholding allowable restrictions of radiation exposure on the staff, citizens, and environment, determined by safety norms, rules, and standards.

At the nuclear power plant the radiation safety is provided by means of complex of technical and organizational measures performance including control of protective barriers and eviorenment state, and also control of the level of individual and collective body burden of the staff.

Radiation control is performed on the area of the site of the NPP, in the control area (it’s radius is 2,5 km, and in the radiation-control area (it’s radius is 30 km). While monitoring of the ambient environment, the ionizing radioactive gamma background is tracked on 44 check points in the monitoring area of 30 km and in the check station in the village Ryabokonevo (in the distance of 33,5 km from DS SU NPP).

They perform the permanent monitoring of emissions and wastes of radioactive materials form DS SU NPP into environment. They measure concentration of radioactive nuclides in the water, in bottom sediments, in hydrocoles (organisms which are permanently inhabits in the aquatic environment of basins), in soil, in vegetation, in the ambient air, and in precipitations.

Long-term observations show that during the whole period of DS SU NPP operation allowable level of gas and aerosol emissions into the ambient air and liquid wastes into basins never was exceeded. Real figures are sufficiently lower the determined standards. The results of analysis confirm the radioactive background on the site, in the control area, and in the monitoring area of DS “South-Ukraine NPP” is on the level of natural radiation background    parameters measured before the nuclear power plant commissioning. Emissions into ambient environment do not exceed one percent from the determined allowable values.  

DS SU NPP continues its activity in the field of radiation safety. They continue stage-by-stage putting into pilot operation an automation system for radiation environment monitoring in the NPP location area (АСКРО) which significantly improves operability of radiation monitoring in the radius of 30 kilometers. By means of this system data from monitoring points through special communication channels will be transmitted to the nuclear power plant in a real time mode.  

In the scope of reconstruction of radiation monitoring system of the nuclear power plant a new automation monitoring system for the control of individual doses of the stuff, and a system of gas and aerosols emissions into ventilating ducts were put into pilot operation.