Tashlyk Pumped Storage Plant

Tashlyk Pumped Storage Plant is the second power component of the energy complex. Tashlyk PSP site located in the west of the district center Arbuzinka, three kilometers south of town Yuzhnoukrainsk.

Its construction was started in 1981. The first hydraulic unit of Tashlyk PSP was put into operation in December 28, 2006, the second hydraulic unit – August 31, 2007.

Ташлыкской ГАЭС в 2009


Basic performance specifications

Installed capacity of Tashlyk PSP (two hydraulic units) is:

  • in a generator mode – 302 MW;
  • in a pump mode – 433 MW.

Efficiency factor:

  • in a generator mode –87%;
  • in a pump mode –90.8%;

Diameter of a pump-turbine rotor wheel is 6.3 m

Rotor wheel rotation frequency – 136.4 rpm

The total weight of the hydraulic unit ready-assembled – 2100 t

Maximum head- 89,0 m

Issue of capacity is produced by the voltage 330kV


Tashlyk PSP process flowsheet


In the process flowsheet used reversible hydraulic units which have functions of turbine and high-capacity pumps are inherent.

At night, when power consumption is significantly reduced, hydraulic units (5), using excess energy of Ukraine south region power system, operated in a pump mode and along the pressure conduit (4) transporting the water from the downstream reservoir (6), in the quality of Alexandrovka water reservoir, into the upstream reservoir (3). At morning and evening hours, with a sharp increase of power consumption, the hydraulic units worked in a generating mode. The water from the upstream reservoir (3), that has no hydraulical connection with the existing Tashlyk cooling-water pond (1) due to presence of earthen dam (2), goes to hydraulic units (5), generating the necessary “peak” of electric power.


Intended purpose

Tashlyk PSP is designed to compensate peak loads in the south-west part of Ukraine integrated power system (IPS) and ensure reliable basic operation mode of SU NPP as well.

In connection with the general increase in electric power consumption in the IPS of Ukraine every year sharply increases the problem of deficiency of highly-maneuvering generating capacities, from the decision of which depends the reliability of the power system work.

Unbalanced structure of generating capacities in the IPS of Ukraine, with a significant predominance of the basic capacities (NPP), insufficient amount of maneuvering plants causes great difficulties in managing the daily load profile, power failure at night, providing emergency and frequency reserves, leads to a decrease of the work stability and reliability of the IPS of Ukraine in a whole.

Main technical arguments for Tashlyk PSP commissioning:

  • production of more expensive electric power to cover peaks (evening and morning) in the power consumption graph while using less expensive night excess energy;
  • substitution of capacity of HPP Units during load control, that permits  Thermal power plants to operate at a maximum capacity with saving expenses for a fuel.
  • consumption of excess energy at night, load-graph leveling;
  • reduction of servicing expenses of HPPs with continuous load operation, without fuel overburning, increase of their operating reliability.

Besides, Tahlyk PSP completion and operation allow increasing of power system stability. PSP capabilities have more qualitative nature than quantitative, and these capabilities are difficult to estimate in money. For Ukraine power system they provide:

  • operating standby for the electrical current frequency control;
  • operation in the simultaneous compensator mode;
  • conditions for the electrical energy export;
  • operating stability and more high efficiency in the industrial and commercial sectors of economy;
  • service life extension and reduction of operational expenses for the electrical and mechanical equipment;
  • Improvement of the municipal conditions.

During the construction of Tashlyk PSP it has been applied for the first time in Ukraine the scheme for parallel financing of industrial facility construction and solution of social and ecological problems of the region. Up to 10% of finances incoming for construction completion is sent for solving the problems of the adjacent region. The social programme acts from 2001. In the area of its distribution includes 6 districts and 4 towns of Nikolayev region. The activities for the conservation of Flora and Fauna of the regional landscape park “Granite and Steppe Pobuzhye” are separately funded. More than 156 million UAH for the social improvement of the region were provided during the period of this programme existence.

Construction of Tashlyk PSP still continuing. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine #1036-r dated November 21, 2007 "On approval of the project on completion of Tashlyk PSP construction» is defined commissioning of the six hydraulic units of Tashlyk PSP with total capacity of 900 MW.

Completion of Tashlyk PSP construction is the number one priority of the energy policy of Ukraine.