Main buildings and structures

All main buildings and structures of South-Ukraine NPP are located at the site at a distance of 3 km from the town Yuzhnoukrainsk.

The first and second power units represent the small series of NPPs with WWER-1000 reactors and detached reactor buildings, connected with a common machine hall.

Reactor hall of the first and second power units are 76 m air-tight cylindrical containment with a spherical dome, erected on concrete foundations.  The containments are made of prestressed concrete.

The third power unit was constructed by the WWER-1000 NPP series project and represent itself as a monoblock. The main building of the power unit includes reactor hall, consist of air-tight containment, rector hall elements, which divided into zones of “restricted” and “free” modes and adjacent machine hall, annexes of electrotechnical equipment, deaerator hall, special building, etc.

Reactor halls accommodate the reactor, steam generators, main circulation pumps, pressurizer, main circulation circuit pipes, emergency cooling system tanks, refueling machine, spent fuel and refueling ponds, other process equipment. All systems of the reactor hall are controlled from the main control room.


In a common machine hall of the first and second power units two turbogenerators are accommodated. The hall layout envisages longitudinal arrangement of the main equipment. At different levels of the machine hall are located the turbine and generator service systems, pump equipment, cooling and lubrication systems, moisture separator-reheaters, auxiliary equipment.

The machine hall of the third power unit contains the turbogenerator, as well as the equipment and pipes of the auxiliary process systems of the secondary circuit.

In addition to the main building and structures South-Ukraine NPP has two special buildings - technological compartments for radioactive material handling. They have specialized equipment. The water purification system is used for water purification of the process systems. The purified water is returned to the cycle and used for make-up of the main process circuits.

At SU NPP site separately arranged: disel-generator station, gas supply facility building, start-up boiler room, units pump stations, cold solid waste repository, process piping at pipeline bridge, combined oil facilities, outdoor switchgears, head and tail races, administrative building and laboratory and household buildings, etc. The NPP has multibranch network of railway tracks and motor roads.