Development Prospects

Development prospects of South-Ukraine electric power producing complex are determined on the basis of aims noted in “Energy strategy of the Ukraine till 2030” (in further it will be mentioned as “Energy Strategy”) on creating conditions for safe, reliable, and stable functioning of power engineering and maximally effective developing of it. 

Energy Strategy provides increase plants output including SP (storage plant) and NPP (nuclear power plant) that will make it possible to improve national safety of the Ukraine in fuel and energy parameters. In accordance with the strategy of nuclear engineering development till 2030 it is necessary to put into operation 20-21 million of KW of substitute and additional facilities at NPP.


South-Ukraine NPP  

Reconstruction of the technological water supply system

To liberalize SU NPP capacities declared because of not sufficient cooling ability of Tashlyk water reservoir cooler it was developed and approved by the Order №498-р of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Ukraine dated of December 7, 2005 the Project “Reconstruction of the technological water supply system. Operation of Units 1-3 in Tashlyk water reservoir cooler and sprinkling basins of South-Ukraine NPP”.

The Project provides construction of 5 sprinkling basins in total efficiency of the sprinkling installations 67,5 м3/с.

Building of the facilities complex of sprinkling installations is foreseen on the left shore of Tashlyk water reservoir cooler in the distance of 1,5 km to the left of the NPP site. Siting of the facilities is foreseen taking into account configuration of the reservoir shoreline. 

Basins are square with dimensions in the plan 135,0 х 390,0 m.

The depth in the basins is 0,50-0,80 m.

The basin bed level is 100,00 m.

According to the Assignment of the President of the Ukraine № 1-1/1477 dated of July 15, 2011 within the time limit till January 1, 2015 it is necessary to complete building of sprinkling basins for performance of the technological water supply system reconstruction of South-Ukraine NPP Units.  


Power Generating Units life-time operation extension

The determined by the designs life-time operation for DS SU NPP Units №1, 2, 3 is expiring in 2012, 2015, and 2019 correspondently. One of the high priority tasks determined by “Energy Strategy of the Ukraine for the period of till 2030” is technically justified and economically expedient life-time operation extension of the NPP Units subject to compliance with requirements of national norms and rules on nuclear and radiation safety and IAEA recommendations. At South-Ukraine NPP it is planned to perform life-time operation extension of the Unit № 1 before 2022, Unit №2 before 2025, Unit №3 before 2029.

By the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Ukraine №263-р dated of 29.04.2004 “Complex Programme of works on life-time operation extension of nuclear power plants units under operation” have been approved, and realization of it will provide economical independence of the country and stable production of electric power at NPP.   

To perform the life-time operation extension in the Unit 1 SU NPP chooses the way of implementing technical-organizing activities during the design period of its operation, it means without decommissioning of the power generating unit after life-time operation expiration.    

Explanatory Note to the environmental impact evaluation with respect to SU NPP Unit 1 lifetime extension


Construction of the Unit №4

In accordance with the preliminary approved design on SU NPP site there was foreseen to build four power generating units of total capacity 4000 MW.   By the current time three WWER-1000 Units (3000 MW in total) were built. Commissioning of the Unit  №4 was not performed in spite of many of buildings and facilities were constructed.

Taking into account favorable conditions for further development NPP as a part of the South-Ukraine electric power producing complex, existing Alexandrovka water storage basin and Tashlyk SP, developed infrastructure, geological-engineering conditions of the site, it is considered reasonable to construct SU NPP Unit № 4 with commissioning of it in the period of 2018-2020.

Scientific and technical Council of SE NNEGC “Eneroatom” reviewed justification materials concerning increase of the SU NPP capacity and recognized it is technically possible to place an additional power generating unit at the site of the NPP.   It was made a decision about the necessity to start woks on the development of techno-economic justification for construction of the Unit № 4 at SU NPP site.


Tashlyk Storage Plant


In accordance with the Energy Strategy to increase regulating capacities which are extremely deficient in the integrated power grid (IPG) of the Ukraine, it was decided to complete constructing and to put into operation 4074 MW of pumped-hydrostorage capacities including completion and putting into operation Tashlyk Storage Plant as a part of six hydraulic units of the total capacity 900 MW. The design of completion of constructing Tashlyk Storage Plant was approved with the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Ukraine № 1036-р dated of November 21, 2007.

At present works on construction of Tashlyk PSP start-up facilities as a part of the 3rd storage pump are ongoing; an assembly of a generator-motor rotor at the 3rd storage pump is in progress. Water power equipment for the 3rd storage pump is fully supplied, electrical equipment, automatic equipment and control systems are planned to be supplied starting from 2013. 

Considering the Tender Terms and Conditions as per the Ukraine Law “On Public Procurement”, the rate of construction and installation works, scopes of design and survey work, time of equipment manufacture, its installation and commissioning, the realistic date for the start-up of the 3rd storage pump is 2014 under stable step financing, namely, the current year – 90 million UAH; 2013 – 453 million UAH; 2014 – 450 million UAH.