Alexandrovka Hydropower Plant

Alexandrovka Hydropower Plant (AHPP) is an important energy generating object as a part of South-Ukraine energy-generating complex which solves many social and ecological problems in Nickolaev Region.

The Hydropower Plant constructing was started in 1985.

In April 27, 1999 Alexandrovka Hydropower Plant was set in operation.

Alexandrovka Hydropower Plant is a midget power plant of a dam type. Its dam crosses the river Yuzhnyi Bug along the whole width and consists of eight panels which fitted with adjusting water gates. The height of the dam is 25 m. On the right bank of the river there is a machine hall of AHPP and a switch-yard.

Two hydroelectric generators with gross output of 11,5 MW are operated in the AHPP.  Average annual production of the electricity in the AHPP is 22 million KW/h. According to the technical documentations developed by Open Joint Stock Company (OJSC) “Ukrhydroproekt” the plant is to product about 47 million KW/h of electricity a year. Putting into operation Tashlyk Storage Plant (TSP) in the amount specified by the design, while rising the level of Alexandrovka water storage will provide the possibility to increase the annual electricity production in the AHPP till the rate noted in the design. 

Александровская ГЭС.

Today the storage plant operates as a part of a complex which includes SU NPP, and in spite of it is difficult to compare a capacity of these two plants, it bears in a proper way and provides electricity production in the stream of the river Yuzhnyi Bug.

Alexandrovka HPP water storage as a part of hydraulic structure of South Ukraine electricity production complex provides production of electricity in HPP and performs a function of a lower water storage for Tashlyk Storage Plant. It is located in the canyon of the river Yuzhnyi Bug in the area of 18 km between the town Alexandrovka, Voznesensk Region and the south outskirts of the city Yuzhnoukrainsk. The design stipulates filling the water storage by 114 million m3 of flood water which will be used during a year in Tashlyk Storage Plant operation, seasonal regulation of sink of the river Yuzhnyi Bug, irrigation of agricultural areas, and domestic water use.

Rising the level of Alexandrovka water storage is scheduled by the design for several phases. Currently the water storage level is 16m for providing operation of two Tashlyk Storage Plant units. The next phase is the level rising till the point 16,9m that provides TSP operation as a part of three hydroelectric generators, in future – for completion the storage plant as a part of six hydroelectric generators in accordance with the approved design.   

It should be noted that the previous design of the South Ukraine Energy Generating Complex foresaw filling of the Alxandrovka Water Storage till the point 20,7m that should provide using the major part of the useful capacity of the water storage for logistics water supply to Nickolaev Region.       

Creating the Alexadrovka hydroelectric generating complex in Yuzhnyi Bug river plays a significant role in protection of habitants of Voznesensk and Domanyovka Regions from spring floods. According to experts’ calculations at the time of maximum possible flood in the river Yuzhnyi Bug the area with 13,6 thousand of people can be covered by flooding and underflooding. Even now Alexandrovka Hydropower Plant engineering structures can be used as a regulator of water while junctures. They are capable to hold a water stream and provide its safe flow-off to the low reach.