South-Ukraine electric power producing complex

South-Ukraine electric power producing complex (EPPC) is the only in Ukraine enterprise which multiply uses basic nuclear and flexing generating pumped-hydrostorage facilities, and also water resources of the river Yuzhnyi Bug. It is located in the North of Nickolaev region.

Today the EPPC includes South-Ukraine NPP, Alexandrovka hydroelectric power plant (HPP), and Tashlyc storage plant (SP).

Annually the EPPC at the river Yuzhnyi Bug produces 17-20 billion KW/h of electric power which is about 10% of total electric power producing in the country, and is about 20% of generating of it in the Ukraine nuclear power plants.

The electric power produced by South-Ukraine NPP, Alexandrovka HPP, and Tashlyc SP is sufficient to provide with normal conditions of life activity in Nickolaev, Odessa, Kherson regions, partly in Kirovograd region, and in Crimea Autonomous Republic which is a region with more than 5 million of people. Since 1982, owing to work of 7 thousand of the enterprise staff, it was produced more than 470 billion KW/h of electric power.

The power producing complex is included into the State Enterprise “National Energy Generating Company “Energoatom” as a detached subdivision. In accordance with the assessment of supervisory bodies, the level of reliability of South-Ukraine NPP’s Units matches European safety standards.